Unity of Northwest Indiana provides a sacred spiritual setting for many ceremonies. As you enter the sanctuary through leaded glass doors you experience a peaceful place of prayer. Beautifully colored stained glass windows don the east and west walls of the sanctuary providing bright light from the rising and setting sun.

Unity of Northwest Indiana honors all faiths and paths to God and welcomes diversity of individuals. All ceremonies are created individually to honor the participants and provide a meaningful and memorable spiritual experience.

Individual Baptism ceremonies are available for infants to adults. Many adults baptized as infants choose to be baptized again as adults to renew their spiritual expression of God in a conscious way.

The infant is dedicated as a unique expression of the light of God that has come into this world. The Christening of an infant includes the formal naming of that child.

The Baptism ceremony includes the elements of Holy water, rose petals and anointing with sacred oil. The blessed water symbolizes the purity of Spirit within. In ancient times those in prayer often reported the scent of roses as a symbol of the Christ presence; rose petals have long been representative of love. In ancient times sacred oil was expensive and being anointed was a gesture of honoring the anointed.

Compassionate and caring services are designed to meet the individual needs of the grieving family. The ceremony is a celebration of the individual’s life, sharing of positive memories, commitments and accomplishments. Included are services in the sanctuary and at the grave site.

The Minister meets with the family to discuss specific needs and requests including music, poems, readings and Scripture readings. The service includes these and prayer.

A home is considered a sacred space for those who reside within as well as those who visit. The home blessing and symbolic cleansing ritual is a way to bless and ready the home for the new life that enters the space. The blessing centers us spiritually and affirms the love, support and spiritual energy of prayer desired in all experiences there.

A marriage of two persons is more than the expression and exchange of the marital bonds and vows. The wedding ceremony is an outer public expression of a true bond that already exists within the couple. Unity of Northwest Indiana views a marriage as a spiritual union between two souls embraced in a newly created union.

The ceremony includes prayer, the blessings of the rings, exchanging of the vows and rings followed by a rose ceremony. The rose ceremony honors the newly married couple with their first exchange of a gift to each other as a married couple. The single rose is the symbol of “I love you.”

Couples are encouraged to contact the church as soon as they decide on a wedding date. A planning meeting will be set to review the timelines and to create the ceremony.

Renewal of vows ceremonies are individually planned between the minister and the couple.