Volunteer Ministries

Board of Trustees*
The Board of Trustees is comprised of eight elected members and the Minister, and serves as the governing body of Unity of Northwest Indiana. Members serve two or three-year terms. Elections are held annually.  Meetings are held monthly.

Fundraising Team
This team organizes fundraisers and social events, bringing creativity and excitement to every affair!  Time commitment:  Varies  Coordinators:  Arthur Stark & Debbie Rhyne

Unity Women's Guild
The Unity Women’s Guild was established in 1952  to support the spiritual mission of the church community. The Guild provides fundraising, service and social activities, including the Spring Flower Sale.   Coordinator:  Carolyn Peters

Unity Prayer Chaplains*
The Unity Prayer Chaplains participate in a comprehensive annual training program to prepare them to serve our congregation through prayer. As they maintain a personal prayer life, the Prayer Chaplains: acknowledge and call on the presence of God; lovingly listen; pray from the heart and hold in confidence what is shared. Prayer Chaplains are available on Sundays to pray with anyone who requests prayer, and during the week via a telephone call to the church. Each member also receives a monthly wellness call from their assigned chaplain. The Prayer Chaplains contribute to our church community by providing a confidential, calming, sacred space for prayer.  Coordinator:  Debbie Rhyne

Celebration Leaders
The Celebration Leader sets a warm and welcoming tone for the Sunday  Services.  They  read the Daily Word and Scripture, and help maintain the flow of the service.                                      Time commitment:  1 Sunday per month  Coordinator:  Arthur Stark

Greeters in Service
Greeters are the first faces you encounter when you arrive for church on Sunday mornings. This ministry is made up of smiling faces, warm handshakes and a welcoming spirit.  Time commitment:  1 Sunday per month      Coordinator:  Joanne Churilla        

Ushers* help create and maintain a warm, welcoming sacred space for the Sunday Service.  They also manage the offering collection.  Time commitment:  1-2 Sundays per month  Coordinator:  George Obregon

Offering Counting Team*

Accurately counts and records the offering for each Sunday Service. Time Commitment: 1 Sunday per month. Coordinator: Sharon Anderson 

Youth & Family Ministry Team

Assists the Sunday School Coordinator in planning, preparing, and providing lessons each Sunday for children, youth, and teens. Time Commitment: 1 Sunday per month Coordinator: Sheila Hunt

Spiritual Social Action Ministry Team
Coordinates our participation in various community service projects throughout the year; selects non-profit organizations for us to support through service and donations.  Time Commitment: 1 monthly meeting and quarterly projects
Coordinators:  Rufus Coleman & Annie Brooks

Building Our Dream Team
Spearheads the communication and planning involved in coordinating fundraising efforts, grant proposals, property projects, etc required to support and advance our dream of creating a premier spiritual center in Northwest Indiana. Time commitment: 1 meeting per month  Coordinator: Dan Earles

Media Team

The media team participates in creating the Power Point presentations of the announcements  and songs presented to the congregation during the Sunday service.    Coordinator:  Linda Alb & Arthur Stark  Time Commitment: Varies 

*Membership is required for these teams.

If you have an idea for a new Ministry Team, please feel free to suggest it via a "We Love Feedback" or "Communication Card"